Reading Erotica Is Better than Porn

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What’s more titillating, watching a porn flick or reading an erotic novel/short story? While it’s true that the Internet has made it so easy to access very type of pornography imaginable right at our fingertips, many still haven’t forgotten the power of the written word to stir up sexual feelings and erotic passions inside our more »

The Best Kind of Going Below the Belt

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Sex doesn’t have to be always about penetration – sometimes, just the thrill of making out or, more often, engaging just in oral sex can make the next time that much better. The lovely babes at Asian Escorts Sydney know how to make even just this act of foreplay unforgettable. She cupped my balls, warming more »

Tantalising Beauty and Passionate Sex

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How experienced you are, how many partners you’ve had shouldn’t have to matter when you bring someone to bed. What does matter, though, say the lovely babes at Asian Escorts Sydney, is how you use that experience.

Tantalising Beauty and Passionate Sex Her chest heaved as she gasped, shuddering with pleasure as I ran my mouth and tongue over her luscious breasts, her hand on my head as though telling me not to stop. Her hips ground against my groin – I could feel a moistness beginning in between her thighs. My own cock was rock-hard, thanks to her stroking.

When she lay back on the bed, fingers of one hand slightly parting the pink folds below, I didn’t hesitate. I replaced her fingers with my own, swiping my tongue teasingly over her nether lips. I could feel her thighs quivering as I pushed her closer and closer to the edge.

Then, a tug from her pulled me away from my ‘task'; she was still breathing hard, and I knew she had to struggle just to get me to stop. My lips found her smooth belly, her well-formed breasts, her neck; her breath hitched each time I kissed or licked a spot.

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The Dom and The Sub

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I found my Dom through an unlikely place: Asian Escorts Sydney where I have a full time Escort Girl career. Below is a recount of one of our “scenes”

The Domand and theSubAs the appropriate preparations were made, I stayed on the floor, leash out on the collar, curled up on the rug with half a mug of semi-sweet hot choco; my pussy and ass being pleasured by a vibrator at the lowest setting possible. My Dom checking in every now and then to make sure that I didn’t have want for anything. I was under direct orders not to come.

I heard rustling and saw him walk over, called me his pretty little bitch and kissed the tip of my nose lovingly on his way to the bathroom to freshen up. When done, he came over and led me by my leash. I padded after him to the bedroom where he sat on the edge of the mattress; I stood before him. Laying a hand on either side of my hips and pulled me close, inhaled my scent, rubbed his cheeks on my newly waxed pussy, licked my slit but dutifully avoided my clit; being newly waxed, my pussy was highly sensitive, each sensation sent jolts of delightful electricity through the nerve endings.

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Dealing with Penis Size

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There is no such matter as idealism, in particular when dealing with sex. But nevertheless, there are also tactics to come close to it, and the women at Private Sydney Asian Escorts are implementing majority of the methods. That way, you two can extend and get so much pleasure as possible, for that specific stunning ride into the orgasm.

Dealing with Penis SizeHere are a number of versions of the ultimate sex positions to enjoy your bundle.

1. In case you’re just a little on the small size, a wonderful angle to choose is the standing doggy. Rather than bending on her knees, she is going to be upright, but flexing over at the pelvis and strengthening herself up with the help of her arms. Penetrate her in her bum, as usual. The downward slant makes you appear more substantial on the inside of her, and you can invade her more.

Moreover, you’re going to fall in love with the feel of her arse up against you.

2. Suppose you’re a little bit long, you’re going to have only little issue about deep sexual penetration. Yet, if this is not her choice, aim for cowgirl so that she can manipulate the pit of your thrust into her. Of course, you take an impressive view of her boobies, and of you sliding in and out of her.

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Utter Bliss and Sexual Pleasure

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There’s nothing wrong with giving in to passion, to the need for sexual fulfilment. The sexy babes gracing the pages at Private Sydney Asian Escorts know this all too well. Whatever your desire, they do their best to bring you the ultimate pleasures.

Asian Escorts SydneyHe tugged my panties down, fingers of one hand tracing lines of fire down my hips; I had already started getting wet while going down on him earlier, and he seemed to know it. He spread my legs, planting a brief kiss or a playful nibble along my thighs.

The next thing I knew, his warm tongue was teasing my labia, slowly opening me up more. I made to reach for myself, to hold myself open, but he beat me to it, using his fingers to do the job. That in itself was pretty hot. But when his tongue moved up and down over my cunt, over the labia, it set me to bucking my hips in small motions, trying to get more of that sweet sensation.

Then his warm lips were on my clit, and he was sucking gently – I let out a small scream, grabbing for his hair. A few moments of heated bliss later, he moved lower, his tongue penetrating me, but the delicious pressure persisted; he had a finger on my clit, stroking it lightly, as he licked at my juices.

Suddenly he was on top of me and in me, and I moaned louder as he started thrusting, slow at first, then faster, rock-hard dick going deeper with each thrust. God it felt good-! His hand found a breast, massaging it, fingers tweaking my pert nipple. He soon switched to the other one, not once slowing down his pounding.

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The Art of Erotic Role Play

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Role play is one of the hardest aspects of BDSM, but it can be pretty fulfilling when you can pull it off. The gorgeous women featured in Private Sydney Asian Escorts are open to these kinds of things, and admit to having their favourite scenarios, whether complete with costumes or not.

The Art of Erotic Role PlayThreesome with a ghost. Some escorts are completely fine with you engaging two of them at the same time. One such escort likes the idea of having a make-out session with a third party – the ‘ghost’ looking on.

This third person can do whatever they like to the other two, but since they can’t see her (or him, if you like two girls getting it on), they blame the partner for groping them or whatever. You’ll be surprised at how creative things can get when you’re trying to have a piece of the action for yourself.

Cop and thief. Whether she plays the cop or you do, the idea is to cajole your way out of being charged with whatever crime you come up with. This can be pretty hot with the bondage connotations thrown in, thanks to the handcuffs. Whether you or your partner use them or not is entirely up to you. more »

5 Signs of Definite Attraction

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Women do have the propensity to be quite complicated to understand with regards to emotions. Their method of displaying attraction occasionally gets misunderstood by men and each party always ends up becoming disappointed. Prevent the misunderstanding before it’s too late by knowing the indicators that demonstrate she’s interested in you. A terrific way to get started is with a woman that shows her knowledge in this area from Private Sydney Asian Escorts.

5 Signs of Definite AttractionAppearance

We all realise that when we come across somebody appealing, we tend to get a bit self-aware. Once this occurs, we resolve in grooming ourselves instinctively. This is really typical with females because they are commonly insecure with their looks and particularly so when their interests are locked on you. She will anxiously start fixing herself, like smoothing her blouse or skirt then toying with her hair. Frequent trips to the wash-room prove to be a renowned one with ladies, as it’s a good time for them to fix their make-up. The moment you realise her attempts, throw in a compliment and let her find out just how beautiful she really is. She will quickly unwind and enable her character shine through.

Doll eyes

It has been scientifically revealed that an individual’s pupil dilates once he or she deals with someone appealing. As a result, the pupils might in fact grow up to ten times its typical size. Maybe, the human physiology has by now got this figured out considering we are regularly attracted to people with large striking eyes. Furthermore, a simple method to make a girl’s heart melt is by gazing right into her eyes. This is a great way to connect!

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Top 3 Poses For Two-Way Pleasure

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You’ve likely read how not all women reach orgasm when they’re in bed with their guys, so now you’re wondering how you can make your bedtime romps pleasurable for both you and your partner. The lovely ladies at Private Sydney Asian Escorts know the ins and outs of doing the dirty, so they can definitely share a few of their favourite positions.

Top 3 Poses For Two-Way Pleasure


Asian Escorts Sydney Snuggle and spoon. If you want to draw the sex out without tiring yourself out, this is the ticket. Have her lie on her side, and settle in behind her in the same position. Once you enter her, you don’t need to pull out. Simply thrust against the front wall of her vagina.

Since her legs will be together throughout this pose, the friction will be incredible. You’re also in the perfect position to play with her boobs or her clit.

Ride of your life. This is another pose that allows for a long session, with a view to match, especially if you love girl-on-top positions! Sit on the bed or couch, then have her straddle you. It’s best to do this on a bed, so you both have room to manoeuvre.

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3 Ways She Can Rule The Bed

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If you want the hottest and exotic beauties, Sydney is definitely the place for you. It’s a city where most fantasies do come true – sexual fantasies that is! Choose from among a fair share of Asian maidens that can give you the best night (or even nights) of your life.

3 Ways She Can Rule The BedSydney Asian Escorts lets you encounter some of the well-known, highly reviewed Private Sydney Asian Escorts. These gorgeous ladies do have a substantial reputation when it comes to intense action in bed, and can provide you with a full sensual service.

Here are three ways you can let an escort rule the bed:

1. The joystick ride. She straddles you on top, and moves your shaft like a joystick, while you’re lying on your back,. She’ll take you to pleasurable heights with exciting twists and motions. Watch her luscious breasts bounce in all directions – the ultimate exhibitionist’s dream. You can only anticipate what she will do to you next.

2. The erotic accordion. Enjoy an orgasmic time with these girls whichever way you want, as long as she allows it. For this move, you’re lying on your back with your knees towards your chest. She straddles your hips, squats down and lowers herself closer and close. She continues the up and down motion until you both reach orgasmic release.

3. The empress octopus. Picture yourself sitting on the floor, your legs spread and slightly bent, with your hands behind you. She sits in front of you, raises her gorgeous legs and rests them on your shoulders. You can enter her in up and down thrusts resulting to deep orgasms. You’ll get to have a bird’s eye view of the action.

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