3 Unique Ways to Pleasure Her

Even before the subject of oral sex was openly communicated, it was already a favorite rendezvous by the many. As a guy, you must always remember that the secret behind this orgasmic action is making sure you can perform it well. While most women will still love the classic cunnilingus positions, you can still bring her to ecstasy by incorporating new things.

3 Unique Ways to Pleasure HerSince you’ll be enjoying a wonderful night with a lovely and horny lady from Asian Escorts Sydney, you must really make the most out of it. Think of it this way: Those average oral positions are just plain average. Do you want these ladies to remember you as a normal guy in bed? Of course not! So here are some great and unique ideas to go down on her.

1. Legs Up

Legs Up is a slightly different variation of the classic ‘between her legs muff dive’ that most couples know and love. Start by letting her lie on her back and put her legs over your shoulder. However, she needs to arch her back slightly to perfect this position.

What you should do: You must be positioned between her legs. You would know you’re in the right stance when you can reach back and grab her ankle. But if she’s uncomfortable arching, you should put a couple of pillows under her back for more support.

With the Legs Up, you can easily move your tongue from the top of her wet pussy to the bottom. As an added bonus, gently pull the lips of her vagina apart with your finger and lick the insides of her wall. Surely she will scream for orgasm!

 2. 68

68 was invented for those women who like her anus to be stimulated with your tongue while you’re also reaching the lower part of her vagina. However, she might not reach ecstasy if you don’t have a tongue like Gene Simmons from KISS! So to ensure that she’ll be squirting more juice than you could ever imagine, you can use your hand and stimulate her clitoris.

What you should do: Lie flat on your back and put her on top of you. She must be facing your feet while her vagina is on your face, hence the term ’68’. Take a deep breath since you’ll be expecting a little bit of weight. From there, you can lick her anus while manoeuvring your hands in her wet pussy.

 3. The Dirty Doggy

Dirty Doggy is a unique way to go down on her. Here, she should be on all fours with butt up and facing you. This is exactly like the doggy style position. But instead of using your dick, you’ll be using your tongue to make her reach climax.

What you should do: Position yourself at an angle that’s lower than her body, but make sure that your neck is comfortable. For instance, put her on the bed with her ass over your head and you’re kneeling on the floor. With this angle, you’ll be able to rub your hands over her backside.

Are you ready to go down with one of the hot temptresses from the Asian Escorts Sydney? Pretty sure you’re answering yes! It’s time to visit their gallery and choose the lady that captures your attention. Without a doubt, performing these tricks on her will contribute to a night filled with pleasure and stimulation.