4 Misconceptions about Escorts

It’s well known that the escorting industry in Australia is a much accepted business. Those who don’t want to spend their leisure time alone can certainly find companionship in various cities, especially in the lively metropolis of Sydney, where all your fantasies come true!

4 Misconceptions about Escorts


Asian Escorts Sydney features some of the most common misconceptions about the controversial profession. This way, future clients will be able to understand the true nature of the profession. Get to know why these ladies make the perfect companions.

1. Escorts hate their jobs

Escorts are independent ladies who chose to be in the adult entertainment business. They wouldn’t have chosen this career path if they hated it. Most of these vixens are even University educated. At the end of the day, they can walk away from it anytime they want. They don’t have doubts about their job, instead, they are proud that they can work on their own terms.

2. Men who see escorts are losers

The surprising thing is that men who see escorts are not your typical Johns. These ladies are more discerning when it comes to choosing clients. Even those who are born to attract beautiful women still see escorts because of the no-strings-attached companionship. They prefer escorts to accompany them during trips or meetings, because they’re worth it!

3. There are no sexual boundaries

It’s not because of their lack of expertise, but the ladies have to follow certain policies that cover the services they offer. They don’t have to do everything their clients want. That’s why every escort have their own list of services for the clients to see. They only do things they’re comfortable with, and provide sensual acts at their own discretion.

4. Escorts are disease-carriers

It’s another popular misconception. The escorting industries have stricter policies than many women who have one night stands. Some states in Australia do not allow ‘uncovered’ sexual activities. These gorgeous ladies understand that if they ever contract a sexually transmitted disease, their career would be at stake. The business is only getting stronger.

If you’re a man who’s not afraid of getting what you want, don’t miss out on all the fun of hiring Asian Escorts Sydney! Some of their most recommended services include a wide range of sensual and erotic experiences. These ladies can guarantee an unforgettable night.