Tantalising Beauty and Passionate Sex

How experienced you are, how many partners you’ve had shouldn’t have to matter when you bring someone to bed. What does matter, though, say the lovely babes at Asian Escorts Sydney, is how you use that experience.

Tantalising Beauty and Passionate Sex Her chest heaved as she gasped, shuddering with pleasure as I ran my mouth and tongue over her luscious breasts, her hand on my head as though telling me not to stop. Her hips ground against my groin – I could feel a moistness beginning in between her thighs. My own cock was rock-hard, thanks to her stroking.

When she lay back on the bed, fingers of one hand slightly parting the pink folds below, I didn’t hesitate. I replaced her fingers with my own, swiping my tongue teasingly over her nether lips. I could feel her thighs quivering as I pushed her closer and closer to the edge.

Then, a tug from her pulled me away from my ‘task'; she was still breathing hard, and I knew she had to struggle just to get me to stop. My lips found her smooth belly, her well-formed breasts, her neck; her breath hitched each time I kissed or licked a spot.

Her hips bucked up to meet mine as I thrust into her, my cock as deep as possible in her tight, wet hole. At first, we moved together, the sound of flesh on flesh along with our concerted gasps and moans the only noise in the room. Her breathing, as well as my own, became more ragged, the more the pleasure mounted, the wetter she got, the more she tightened around.

“Harder – oh, fuck me harder!” she managed to gasp out, her fingernails digging into my shoulders. I was practically pounding her now, close to cumming myself.

Then – suddenly – release. She let out a scream, her head thrown back, legs locked around my waist as though she clung to me for dear life. I came, too, just as loudly.

We collapsed to the bed, still entwined, but I knew this was just the start; there was going to be another round later tonight, or when we both woke up.

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