The Art of Erotic Role Play

Role play is one of the hardest aspects of BDSM, but it can be pretty fulfilling when you can pull it off. The gorgeous women featured in Private Sydney Asian Escorts are open to these kinds of things, and admit to having their favourite scenarios, whether complete with costumes or not.

The Art of Erotic Role PlayThreesome with a ghost. Some escorts are completely fine with you engaging two of them at the same time. One such escort likes the idea of having a make-out session with a third party – the ‘ghost’ looking on.

This third person can do whatever they like to the other two, but since they can’t see her (or him, if you like two girls getting it on), they blame the partner for groping them or whatever. You’ll be surprised at how creative things can get when you’re trying to have a piece of the action for yourself.

Cop and thief. Whether she plays the cop or you do, the idea is to cajole your way out of being charged with whatever crime you come up with. This can be pretty hot with the bondage connotations thrown in, thanks to the handcuffs. Whether you or your partner use them or not is entirely up to you.

Boarding school. You may or may not be familiar with those boarding schools where punishments now considered extreme were commonplace. BDSM puts a sexy twist on it, with either of you playing the wayward student and the other playing the disciplinarian.

Tie your willing victim to a chair, or strip them and pleasuring them while denying them release – there are many possible scenarios with this set-up.

Interrogation. This may seem hardcore for some, so if it’s not your cup of tea, that’s fine. Again, the role of interrogator can go to either you or your partner; the information should be something simple, and only the one being interrogated should know it. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be much fun.

Instead of physical torture that’s meant to bring pain, the object is to tease the ‘victim’ into arousal without letting them release, while trying to pry the information out of them. Use your imagination – and try not to bust out laughing if you feel silly.

The ladies at Asian Escorts Sydney will play along with any scenarios you come up with, or perhaps suggest their own. Browse the gallery today!