The Best Kind of Going Below the Belt

Sex doesn’t have to be always about penetration – sometimes, just the thrill of making out or, more often, engaging just in oral sex can make the next time that much better. The lovely babes at Asian Escorts Sydney know how to make even just this act of foreplay unforgettable.

She cupped my balls, warming them up with her lithe fingers. Soft lips curled around the head of my cock, just wet enough for the contact to be pleasant, not rough. Lips still around me, I could feel the teasing strokes of her tongue against the tip, and I groaned.

She slid the whole length into her mouth and throat, moving slowly, fingers massaging my balls the whole time. Another groan from me, but this time there was a brief purr of delight from her end. I didn’t know if it was because of her own pleasure, or because of how responsive my dick was. It had gone from somewhat hard, to ramrod stiff just moments after she started her teasing.

Moving back up, she stopped when she had just the head inside again, the hand cupping my balls now stroking the base of my cock as she sucked gently. I let out a louder groan, laid a hand on her head. She had suggested this – indulging in foreplay for as long as we could, and seeing if we still got to intercourse.

Of course, I got curious enough, so I had agreed. Teasing her breasts and her cunt earlier had been fun, and my cock throbbed as I remembered her ecstatic cries when I’d sucked on her clit.

Suddenly, she took me out of her mouth, her hand stroking slowly up and down while she licked all around the head. This dark-haired vixen gave a few gentle nips now and then, the brief pain only turning me on more each time. Then it was back in her luscious mouth, her sucks harder, her strokes faster. Gods, this was heaven.

Finally, I couldn’t hold back any more. A hand fisted in the sheets, I shot my loud into her waiting mouth, and she took it all in.

“So you liked that?” she asked a few moments later, when I’d gotten my breath back.

“Fuck, yes.”

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