The Dom and The Sub

I found my Dom through an unlikely place: Asian Escorts Sydney where I have a full time Escort Girl career. Below is a recount of one of our “scenes”

The Domand and theSubAs the appropriate preparations were made, I stayed on the floor, leash out on the collar, curled up on the rug with half a mug of semi-sweet hot choco; my pussy and ass being pleasured by a vibrator at the lowest setting possible. My Dom checking in every now and then to make sure that I didn’t have want for anything. I was under direct orders not to come.

I heard rustling and saw him walk over, called me his pretty little bitch and kissed the tip of my nose lovingly on his way to the bathroom to freshen up. When done, he came over and led me by my leash. I padded after him to the bedroom where he sat on the edge of the mattress; I stood before him. Laying a hand on either side of my hips and pulled me close, inhaled my scent, rubbed his cheeks on my newly waxed pussy, licked my slit but dutifully avoided my clit; being newly waxed, my pussy was highly sensitive, each sensation sent jolts of delightful electricity through the nerve endings.

Leaving off, his hands drew circles on my hips, thighs and ass cheeks, parting them, squeezing them. The fingers of his right hand rubbed my slit once before worming into me, pushing the vibe aside and deeper. His fingers retreated, rubbed my clit harshly then soothingly and dug back in. His left hand left its perch from my hip and traveled the expanse of my belly. Upon reaching the middle, he pressed in and down on my abdomen, I knew what he wanted.

I pushed the vibe from my pussy with his fingers digging in and helping the process along. After a few minutes, the toy found its freedom from my body. He showed me it: dripping, glistening with my juices in the dim light of the room, undulating still. He raised the vibe to my lips and bid me clean the soiled toy of my pussy juice. I did as told while he watched, enraptured at the show before him….a prelude to our evening together…

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