Top 3 Poses For Two-Way Pleasure

You’ve likely read how not all women reach orgasm when they’re in bed with their guys, so now you’re wondering how you can make your bedtime romps pleasurable for both you and your partner. The lovely ladies at Private Sydney Asian Escorts know the ins and outs of doing the dirty, so they can definitely share a few of their favourite positions.

Top 3 Poses For Two-Way Pleasure


Asian Escorts Sydney Snuggle and spoon. If you want to draw the sex out without tiring yourself out, this is the ticket. Have her lie on her side, and settle in behind her in the same position. Once you enter her, you don’t need to pull out. Simply thrust against the front wall of her vagina.

Since her legs will be together throughout this pose, the friction will be incredible. You’re also in the perfect position to play with her boobs or her clit.

Ride of your life. This is another pose that allows for a long session, with a view to match, especially if you love girl-on-top positions! Sit on the bed or couch, then have her straddle you. It’s best to do this on a bed, so you both have room to manoeuvre.

Since she’s on top, she gets to control the speed, but is that really so bad? Have her lean back a bit so you can easily play with her clit, or suck on her boobs and nipples. Plus, watching a gorgeous babe grind her way to orgasm is a perk in itself.

Give her a lift. Slip a pillow under your girl’s butt and hips when you get into the standard missionary. Then have her raise her legs up and back towards her shoulders – but don’t force her to fold too much if she isn’t that flexible. Then enter her from on top.

This pose makes for easier and deeper thrusting, which is a perk for both of you.

As you can see, these poses are easy for you and a sexy lady to pull off. Sexual pleasure, after all, it isn’t about complicated acrobatics, but about sensations.

So to make sure you and your gal always hit the sexual high notes, try these out for yourself. Or check out the pages at Asian Escorts Sydney. You’re sure to enjoy your orgasmic time with your own sex goddess.