4 Misconceptions about Escorts

serypeta : October 9, 2014 8:08 am : blog

It’s well known that the escorting industry in Australia is a much accepted business. Those who don’t want to spend their leisure time alone can certainly find companionship in various cities, especially in the lively metropolis of Sydney, where all your fantasies come true!

4 Misconceptions about Escorts


Asian Escorts Sydney features some of the most common misconceptions about the controversial profession. This way, future clients will be able to understand the true nature of the profession. Get to know why these ladies make the perfect companions.

1. Escorts hate their jobs

Escorts are independent ladies who chose to be in the adult entertainment business. They wouldn’t have chosen this career path if they hated it. Most of these vixens are even University educated. At the end of the day, they can walk away from it anytime they want. They don’t have doubts about their job, instead, they are proud that they can work on their own terms.

2. Men who see escorts are losers

The surprising thing is that men who see escorts are not your typical Johns. These ladies are more discerning when it comes to choosing clients. Even those who are born to attract beautiful women still see escorts because of the no-strings-attached companionship. They prefer escorts to accompany them during trips or meetings, because they’re worth it!

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The Essential Basic Sex Positions

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The essentials are there for you to get back to when moments get challenging. As you desire to experience that head blowing sexual intercourse, trying to keep things basic is the absolute real element to it. You may carry out some thorough research on the most complicated sex style. Put in all of the endeavours in understanding them. But when the heat of the moment happens, you switch to what you know best which is the basics.

The Essential Basic Sex Positions


Commonly, the crazy and overly passionate positions will only get you concentrated on the complications of its mechanics – making you neglect the delights for the intercourse. You’ll skip the heavy tightness in her sex and involving yourself in her full dampness. Understand that this is not what you really want. So here are the promised climax producing sexual styles from the expert vixens of Private Sydney Escorts that will certainly rock both your minds.


The Bumps and Humps

You definitely know the most extensively employed animalistic method, the doggie style. This specific position is close to that, only your lover will be resting on her belly. The trick is she will be raising her rear end slightly so she is available enough for you to plunge into. Your arms will be lying on both corners of her figure on the flat surface. Now, vigilantly plunge your penis inside her vagina and experience it fully as it moves inside.

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For Awesome Libidinous Surprises

serypeta : September 15, 2014 7:08 am : blog

You don’t need to tell her what you want. Asian Escorts in Sydney know exactly what to give their lovers, a taste of something completely different. Your steamy girl is just waiting for you to uncover lusty surprises that she prepares each time.

Asian Escorts SydneyJust as soon as you stand on her doorstep and without even lifting your hand to knock, you could already see her silhouette through the glass door; apparently, she was anticipating you coming. She goes about the living room naked, and that alone is enough for you to feel a surge of pure pleasure washing all over your rigid flesh.

She then deliberately stands in a spot where she knows nothing can obstruct the devilish view. As she ran fingers along the tips of her nipples, you also feel the fire arising within. Amazingly, you hear nothing, not even your own breath but, only the sound of blood rushing through your veins, straight to your already throbbing cock.

Before your wide open mouth and eyes that never blink, she teasingly grips her twin peaks fully with both of her hands, squeezing and kneading them, rolling and pressuring the rigid buds that adorned them.

How she turns you on! She knows fully well you’re also enjoying the luscious scene. You decide to stay right there where you are, determined to finish the show. Seeing her lean against one side of the window, it seems you’re about to lose conscious control of your own movements when she starts spreading open her thighs.

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The Basics of BDSM

serypeta : September 9, 2014 3:42 am : blog

Often hearing the word bondage is associated with appalling images of leather masks, freakish spikes and rustic dungeons. Those are very uncomfortable images for something that’s actually a source of pleasure for someone who appreciates such practice. This is clearly a misunderstanding and misinterpretation of such fetish. You can blame the media for that. Allow this article to shed a light on the matter.

The Basics of BDSMThe practice of bondage is an enjoyable sexual act which brings forth gratification through restraint. The versatile and sexy ladies of Asian Escorts Sydney have this as one of the favourite erotic activities of their wide array of lovers. The peculiarity of this practice has brought about negative assumptions which bring us to the point that people judge negatively what they cannot grasp.

In the same way that fetishes are a variety, bondage has its different forms of expression. There are some people who combine it with pain and there are also some who just enjoy getting tied up for the purpose of restriction.
With that idea being the core of the performance, it actually licks on the part of you that crave to deviate. It’s human instinct to do so. Therefore, why not utilise it to achieve sexual satisfaction?

Humble beginnings

Bondage itself is not entirely considered to be a rough erotic practice. It is still categorised as part of the lighter side of the risqué. However, it is definitely an up from the average level of the classic vanilla sex. For a beginner, take things easily at first. This is not a jump-first-think-later kind of thing.

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Things You Need To Know About Kissing

serypeta : August 5, 2014 8:45 am : blog

Have you heard of the saying that highlighted the importance of kissing in insinuating a sexual intercourse? Of course, I am not referring to the simple peck. I am referring to the synchronized motion of both your mouths that truly stirs up your deeper urges. Thus, there are some things that you truly have to know when you’re going in for the kiss…

Asian Escorts Sydney1. Women take note of your breathe and your teeth before kissing you.

You should probably do the same. You don’t want to be kissing someone who reeks with bad breathe, do you? It’s basic hygiene and women have the tendency to be utterly judgmental before gunning in for the kiss. Don’t be a buffoon and just go in without thinking about the comfort of your partner. This should be basic ethics when you go for the kiss.

2. Don’t use too much tongue in the first smacks.

It’s very much understandable that men are more sexual than girls. Women have the tendency to take their time in putting down all those negative inhibitions so it would be best to take them there in the right manner. When it comes to insinuating lewd things on a woman, it would be best for you to go for the gradual approach. Don’t be too hasty! Take your time in creating the atmosphere and then you lunge for the tongue.

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3 Arousing Plots for Erotic Novels

serypeta : June 25, 2014 2:24 am : blog

Finally! The world has shifted its paradigm towards open mindedness. People are now inclined to their sexuality compared to the olden times and that is a truly mesmerising progress in the world. Gone are the days when you would be ridiculed for purchasing an erotic novel from a book store. On the contrary, you might actually get a date once another finds your taste of the lewd literature to be very appealing.

3 Arousing Plots for Erotic NovelsIn the acceptance of such contexts, it would be such a shame that a certain status quo generated a saturated outcome when it comes to plot creation. Come on, you can’t always use forbidden love and painful love as you drive on the story. There are more mediums for you to choose from so you don’t fall in with the stereotypes.

1. The Allergic Twist

We all know that we need a certain force that separates two beings from coming together in the first pages of your book. This is why the creation of monetary class and royalty has long been overused in the context of romance novels. It’s time we get creative, think allergies. It’s the most literal reason for you to fully indulge in a physical entangling with your lover. Yes, it may come a bit dense, but that’s where the challenge lies.

2. Go beyond the limits of were-dom

One of the common novels these days are those that involve the supernatural beings. Truly, our love for those that do not exist is rampant. However, all of the stories lie on wolves, bears, tigers… Authors reason that some animals aren’t sexy enough. It’s all a matter of recognition. Don’t constrict yourself with the thought of mammals. Use underwater creatures as well! Try using sharks or salmons! Those two seem a very appealing sex icon in their own account!

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3 Unique Ways to Pleasure Her

serypeta : May 19, 2014 4:30 am : blog

Even before the subject of oral sex was openly communicated, it was already a favorite rendezvous by the many. As a guy, you must always remember that the secret behind this orgasmic action is making sure you can perform it well. While most women will still love the classic cunnilingus positions, you can still bring her to ecstasy by incorporating new things.

3 Unique Ways to Pleasure HerSince you’ll be enjoying a wonderful night with a lovely and horny lady from Asian Escorts Sydney, you must really make the most out of it. Think of it this way: Those average oral positions are just plain average. Do you want these ladies to remember you as a normal guy in bed? Of course not! So here are some great and unique ideas to go down on her.

1. Legs Up

Legs Up is a slightly different variation of the classic ‘between her legs muff dive’ that most couples know and love. Start by letting her lie on her back and put her legs over your shoulder. However, she needs to arch her back slightly to perfect this position.

What you should do: You must be positioned between her legs. You would know you’re in the right stance when you can reach back and grab her ankle. But if she’s uncomfortable arching, you should put a couple of pillows under her back for more support.

With the Legs Up, you can easily move your tongue from the top of her wet pussy to the bottom. As an added bonus, gently pull the lips of her vagina apart with your finger and lick the insides of her wall. Surely she will scream for orgasm!

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Fulfilling Your Anime Fetishes

serypeta : May 12, 2014 3:50 am : blog

Anime girls have always been a long time fantasy of guys ever since they were first introduced. Their main selling points have always been their big wondrous eyes, soft voices and statuesque bodies.  The way their clothes hug their bodies is just one big deal breaker and huge turn on for guys. This is ultimately the reason why Japanese girls are now one of the most fantasised women of today.

Fulfilling Your Anime FetishesJapanese girls are the embodiment of the virtual vixens that linger in every Otaku’s wet dreams. Since they are the main basis of these cute babes that lurk the cyber world, you just can’t help but want to get your hands on them. Asian Escorts Sydney is a notable escort service company that offers a wide array of oriental ladies waiting to please you. In that wide array of oriental beauties, they include the kimochi inducing temptresses who have ancestral origins from the land of the rising sun.

There are many ways of fulfilling your fantasies with the way Japan’s technology has adapted to these fetishes. They came up with video games that let you interact on a first person basis with the character that you wish to touch later on in the game flow. However, everything just happens on the screen and none in real life. In retrospect, this isn’t really the epitome of your Anime fantasies. This is all just pretend.

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Why Book an Asian escort in Sydney

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Daily routine dues normally make people want a vacation. Sydney is a great place to escape to. Head into the unknown and book a Sydney Asian escort. Sometimes you have to do something pleasurable for yourself just to loosen up and relax. There are many ways you can enjoy the pleasures of Sydney. Take a more »

The Epic Australian Adult Entertainment with Asian Escorts in Sydney

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Is delight and fun a part of your itinerary here in Australia? Do you want your adrenaline to keep on pumping? A night with a stranger is fun but there’s a much better alternative for that. I know you’ve heard about escorts, but the ones in Sydney are just astonishing – just fun and play, more »
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