Utter Bliss and Sexual Pleasure

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Asian Escorts SydneyHe tugged my panties down, fingers of one hand tracing lines of fire down my hips; I had already started getting wet while going down on him earlier, and he seemed to know it. He spread my legs, planting a brief kiss or a playful nibble along my thighs.

The next thing I knew, his warm tongue was teasing my labia, slowly opening me up more. I made to reach for myself, to hold myself open, but he beat me to it, using his fingers to do the job. That in itself was pretty hot. But when his tongue moved up and down over my cunt, over the labia, it set me to bucking my hips in small motions, trying to get more of that sweet sensation.

Then his warm lips were on my clit, and he was sucking gently – I let out a small scream, grabbing for his hair. A few moments of heated bliss later, he moved lower, his tongue penetrating me, but the delicious pressure persisted; he had a finger on my clit, stroking it lightly, as he licked at my juices.

Suddenly he was on top of me and in me, and I moaned louder as he started thrusting, slow at first, then faster, rock-hard dick going deeper with each thrust. God it felt good-! His hand found a breast, massaging it, fingers tweaking my pert nipple. He soon switched to the other one, not once slowing down his pounding.

He seemed to stiffen even more, and with some effort, I motioned for him to slow down. He let out a small groan of disappointment, but I knew how to make up for it. Slowly, I rolled us both around so that he was on the bed and I was on top.

His breathing quickened more when I started moving up and down, leaning back to give him a better view of his dick thrusting in and out of me. Time to take him for a ride.

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